Elise and Sugar

     NE Horse Farms is located on Kilbourne Rd in Zion, IL. We are conveniently located just minutes from the downtown shopping district, and are easily accessible from Route 176, Hwy 41, and State Tollway 94.

     NE Horse Farms is run by Elise and Nick Nadboralski. Horses at our facility are treated as we would treat our own; a part of the family. At our facility we believe in allowing horses to be horses and keep them outdoors as much as possible. There are 3 stalls available for use as needed, 2 of which are accessible by the horses at all times to escape the weather as they wish. There are 5 acres of pasture which are used on a rotation schedule with supplemental hay feeding given as needed.

     We base our training upon trust and respect, and strive to make your horse's training experience as comfortable and stress free as possible. Because each horse is an individual, we do not adhere to a strict schedule. We have found that the best training progress is made when a horse is permitted to learn at its own pace. A strict training schedule would hold back those horses that learn quickly, and rush horses that learn more slowly, causing stress and distraction. Your horse's safety and well being are always our highest priority.