About Elise:

     Like most successful trainers, Elise developed her passion for horses at a very early age. Raised in a small town rural environment, Elise became the proud owner of her first horse at age 11. She gained her initial knowledge of equine anatomy and care through her local 4-H Horse Club, and trained under both English and Western trainers for most of her childhood.

     In addition to riding, she acquired a love for driving, and enrolled in Trot Canada, a Standardbred racing association. There she obtained her Groom's license, and groomed and prepared horses for races, performed routine barn duties, and drove horses for their daily workouts.

Elise and Babe

     Elise chose horse training as her career path early in her life, and studied the training methods of the world's best known trainers - John Lyons, Monty Roberts, Pat Parelli, and others, combining the best methods of each and incorporating them in her own unique style of Natural Horsemanship training.

     Prior to relocating to Illinois in 2013, Elise lived and worked in Arkansas for 6 years as a trainer at a local boarding stable. Before that, Elise worked for the well known Avalon Appaloosa Ranch in Goodlands, Manitoba, Canada, caring for over 100 horses, training colts out of top stallions, and showing at the national level.

Elise and Babe