Elise and Sugar

Prices to be posted soon.


Colt Starting/Training:
$/month (30 days)
(Includes hay and board - grain extra)

   Horses must be at least two years of age. This is for horses that have never had a rider before. Horses will be taught the fundemental ground work and manners as well as how to behave under saddle. They will be taught walk, trot/jog, canter/lope. Turn on the foreheand and haunches, woah, etc. Please note: I have the right to refuse any horse that I feel is not physically and mentally ready to be started under saddle.

Ground Work:
$/month (30 days)
(Includes hay and board - grain extra)

   Ground work includes leading, tying, standing to be groomed, bathing, clipping, standing to have feet done, lounging, etc.


Training By The Session:
$/Session (Aprx. 1 hour)

Riding Lessons:
$/session (30 mins)

Please Note:

* All horses must have a current coggins test. You must supply me with a copy on or before the arrival date.
  Horses without a current coggins will be refused.

* Feet must be in proper condition, or I will have my own farrier tend to them. (farrier fee's extra)

* No stallions; We do not have the facilities, sorry!

* One weekly lesson is included free with any horse in training, given they are ready for it.

* Grain is extra. If you wish to bring your own, we gladly allow it.

* We have limited space - if your horse requires its own paddock we may or may not be able to provide it. It will cost extra.

* Training fee will be paid at the beginning of each training period. Board is paid at the beginning of each month.
   Any outstanding bills must be paid before the horse leaves the property.